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What is Lohocla™?


Lohocla™ (alcohol spelt backwards) is the world's first premium anti-hangover shooter. It is a product that helps alleviate the symptoms of a hangover in a classy way at the scene of crime. It is a product that was birthed & aimed at responsible people who sometimes look to play but can't afford a hangover the following day because they have sh*t to do.

Lohocla also doubles up as a delicious virgin cocktail mixer, try out the recipies under the how to consume tab.

How/why does it work?


Herbs & Vitamins

Vitamins B6 & B12 - Assist in decreasing circulatory alcohol & further intoxication. Turmeric - It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects & is a strong antioxidant. It also helps your liver to detoxify. Ginseng - Increases cognitive function, energy & general wellbeing. Sodium bicarbonate - assists in preventing alcohol associated gastritis & diarrhoea. Sage - Assists in with numerous digestive problems as well as heartburn. Water - Assists in alleviating alcohol induced dehydration.


When to Have It?

Its best to consume Lohocla after the party/before you sleep for the best results in preventing hangover symptoms, but we know people forget, so it can also be drank in the morning and sometimes some serious people might need to drink both before they sleep and when they wake up. Remember it’s all about being responsible, we sadly do not cater to the maverick who is trying to outdo his friends.


How to Consume It?

The “perfect serve” is served by mixing a double shot (50ml) of Lohocla™ in a glass (250ml) filled with sparkling water and a slice of lime.

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When do I drink it?

Preferebly as a last round before you sleep. It can be taken in the morning too, but this will take longer for the product to take effect. Sometimes one might need to drink both before sleeping and in the morning for maximum results.


Can I just have it as a shot?

Well yes, but the water is there to help with rehydration. We want people to drink more water (aren’t we nice).


Does it work?

No, we went through all the trouble of creating something this awesome for it not to work.


What makes it different to other products?

We just made the product to be at the Scene the crime and added some appealing aesthetics.


Can I mix it in my alcohol?

Yes it is a tasty mixer, but that’s all it will be if you don’t drink it with water. Remember we want you to take better care of yourself.


What does it taste like?

like an all new berry flavour, which we invented in the process (cause no other taste was good enough).


How can I alleviate the sweetness?

Adding more water or squeezing some lime or lemon in. It’s all about how you mix it, you have to find your own way. If you have better ways please let us know.

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